His Films

In recent years, many of the films Burder directed and produced were rediscovered. As a result of the release of one of his books, Fifty Years in Films, Burder received many requests from around the world asking for copies of his films. He feared they were lost as the original copies were in a film laboratory that had been sold for redevelopment years earlier. In fact, Burder hadn't even seen some of these films for quite some time. Fortunately, copies of these films were found in various places and they were restored. These films cover a vast array of unique events and feature many interesting people, some of whom have passed away since the films were created, including David Niven and Peter Ustinov.

Throughout Burder's extensive career, he acted as director, producer, script writer and editor of approximately 120 films. Between 1960 and 1995, Burder created and produced various documentaries, travelogues, safety videos and interviews. There are also a number of films that, like his books, feature information about the film industry. Additionally, Burder often received sponsorship to create these films. While the majority of these films may not be widely known, they are certainly unique as they reveal stories and people that may not be presented through any other means.

Some titles from Burder's portfolio include: Simplcity Westaform (1968), Passport to Adventure (1970), Bournemouth (1976), Johnny Morris Goes Youth Hostelling (1978), Destination - Sri Lanka (1980), David Niven - Looking Back (1983) and Maiden Voyage on Oriana (1995). Burder certainly had a taste for interesting people and unique stories. His full filmography can be found on the British Film Institute's (BFI) website.