My 2006 Vauxhall Corsa

OK I admit it - this page has nothing at all to do with John Burder. It's about my car, which I can only afford by paying monthly for cheap car insurance from!

I'm hoping that the talk about the fire risk in the Corsa is overblown. Leaving that to one side (for now, anyway) I reckon it is an excellent car with acceptable interior and good petrol consumption. With a significant range of engines to choose from it should be possible to find a model that is perfect for your needs. The range of accessories are satisfactory for a vehicle in this price range, and mine came with parking aids, entertainment system and sat nav. I've got the 1.0-litre engine and considered the Ford Fiesta EcoBoost before committing myself to the purchase.

I chose the Corsa mainly because the cabin was more comfortable than the Fiesta and the overall driving experience felt smoother. The Corsa is a 'cheap and cheerful' vehicle, which I wouldn't recommend for long journeys. The interior dimensions are adequate for driving short distances, but there is a lack of leg space in the cabin, which could cause problems for both driver and passengers for anything more than this. Four people can fit comfortably inside, but anybody with long legs wouldn't want to spend a lot of time in the rear. My car is five-door, so access is good, though I think that this could be an issue with just three doors. Vauxhall has put some very useful cubbyholes in the cabin, and these are perfect for bottles, keys, and mobiles. The boot would fit one large suitcase or several bags of shopping. You can just about fit a baby buggy in there, but it's not easy to get the angles right. I tend to fold down one-half of the back seat (60/40 split) if I am carrying bulky items a short distance. The ride isn't luxurious and can feel a little bit 'jiggly' on poor surfaces.

I realised when I bought the vehicle that it wasn't an off-roader so for the price it was a great selection. The petrol engine isn't noisy, but there is an intrusive wind noise in the cabin from time to time. This noise is especially prevalent at speeds of over 50 mph. Problems •Finding a comfortable driving position •Gearbox (manual) is OK, but a bit 'clunky,' especially when changing down •Wipers are inadequate and fail to deal with heavy rain Overall, you get what you pay for. With the Vauxhall Corsa, you get an economical small vehicle that gets you where you want to go with little thrills. What extras you do get are good quality and durable. In its class, for me the Corsa is up with the best.