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John Burder is an independent British film producer and writer. His father, Claud Burder, worked as a parson and married his wife, Gabrielle in 1921. Mr Burder had two siblings - a sister, Mary, and a brother, George. Today, however, John is the only living child of Gabrielle and Claud as Mary sadly died at the young age of six from whooping cough and George died during World War II. Like his father, George joined the British Military and became a lieutenant in the Rifle Brigade. He was killed near the end of the war while crossing the Rhine. Understandably, Burder has a keen interest in the military and the history of the world wars as well as a deep respect for those who choose to risk their lives for their country, which is reflected in some of his work.

Despite tragic loss during his life, John Burder has been able to make a name for himself in the film industry. Burder was able to make a career for himself as a film producer by setting his goals and gaining the necessary skills. This career started when Mr Burder began making his own films while he was still in school. Mr Burder borrowed his headmaster's camera and would record daily activities.

After graduating, he was hired by the BBC, which only had one channel at the time and was on air for a few hours each day. Mr Burder worked for three years with Ealing Studios, currently the oldest production studio in the world. Next, he was employed at Lime Grove Studios where he worked on the Queen's Christmas Message and the original series of the popular sci-fi show Doctor Who. From these early years in the industry, Burder was able to make his own production company and take on various different projects as an independent producer. He was able to travel the world making films and television shows.